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About Us


We are now a Community Interest Company, "Northaw Transition C.I.C". This means we are a not-for-profit company with a social interest agenda.   

We have a committee of 4 from Northaw, Angelina Khan, Karen Lawton, Jane Brook and Mike Clark, with additional community support from a number of individuals.

The village school is also on board the project, as a flagship of the community, in implimenting some of our carbon cutting projects.

We have project plans for the village as a whole, and want this initiative to spread.   

We also have links and network with other local Transition Towns Hertford and Welwyn Garden City.  


School summer fair - LUSH packageless products and Riverford Organic Veg Box raffle, Veolia Water Save-a-Flush giveaway, community brainstorm green ideas apple tree, register of unharvested fruit trees for community harvest, borrowers register to lend things to others, cloths and uniform jumble sale, and information about our initiative.

Northaw farmers market or food co-operative - lets see if we can bring local food shopping and sourcing to Northaw!

Back yard hens - can we encourage more of you to keep chickens for your own local egg supply?! We can advise on cost (v. cheap!), set up and care of hens. How about a Northaw community chicken smallhold? 

Community bee hives - turning our beautiful flowers into great local honey.

Community harvest - of all the wasted fruit in peoples gardens and public land, lets make our own pies, jam, chutney etc!  

Community orchards - to produce more local fruit for generations to come.

Growers guide - telling us what and how to grow in our own home and gardens to feed ourselves. How to propogate and use seeds from produce to re-grow new food plants.

Environmental auditing of our community and own buildings - to reduce energy waste.

Car pooling scheme for the school - to reduce traffic and carbon emmisions.

Wet-breaktime fun eco sessions at school - to educate the kids and have some productive, practical fun.

Bag making worshop - learn to use old fabric to make your own ever useful bags!  

Allotments in Northaw - for those with smaller gardens or those who dont want to surrender their lawns to veg!